Alpine water

Drinking Water Solutions

Alpine® Coolers is a worldwide leader in drinking water services and filtration systems. Alpine® Manufactures and provides:

  • Water Coolers with No Touch® Dispense
  • National Drinking Water Services
  • Ice Machines
  • Water Filtration
  • Accessories

Products include point of use (POU) bottleless water coolers with No Touch® Dispense, bottled water coolers, ceramic water dispensers, water filters, Reverse Osmosis, RO filtration, Ultra filtration, UF filtration, sub-micron filters, Ultra Violet UV sanitization. Coolers are certified safe by the Water Quality Association (WQA) with filters certified by NSF, providing reassurance in the safety of your water.

Alpine® national water service dealer network includes national water service, office coffee services, and green friendly options for office and home water filtration.

bottleless POU Cooler

Bottleless POU Coolers

No Touch® dispense, Ultraviolet, In-tank UV sanitization, floor model or table top, Leak lock® protection hot, cold, qmbient, cold sparkling, submicron filters, reverse osmosis, RO Ultra UF filtration, self- sanitizing, Energy star.  


bottle cooler

Bottle Dispensers

Bottom loaders, top loaders, hot, cold, ambient, cold sparkling, floor models, white, charcoal, ceramic dispense, porcelain crocks, wood floor stands.