Alpine water


Certified Equipment

Alpine's® bottleless and bottled water coolers are certified by the Water Quality Association WQA under ANSI/NSF standard 51, requiring verification that all internal water contact parts meet FDA requirements and are reassuring consumers that no toxic material could be leaching from any components of the dispensing equipment into the water.   In addition to review and inspection of all material used in the water coolers, WQA audits Alpine® 's manufacturing facilities annually to verify that all such materials were used over the entire year of manufacturing.

All Feel Well® Ultra & Premium filters supplied by Alpine® are also completely certified by WQA under ANSI/NSF standards 42 & 53 to remove chorine, taste odor and cyst.  In addition, the Ultra filter reduces lead while the Premium filters reduce limescale build up.   We also provide Reverse Osmosis filtration (RO) that is certified under ANSI/NSF #58.  RO filtration is primarily needed in areas with high Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in the source water. 


Certified Alpine®  Dealers are trained to determine the filtration system is needed for each environment. Understanding the source water is a must.   In addition to understanding your water needs, each dealer is trained and certified by Alpine®  on system installation together with our strict monitoring program that governs the filter replacements and proper equipment sanitization procedures. 


In addition, Alpine® offers a line of office break stations that are certified green friendly. Our break stations are made of Albasia lumber that is only grown in Indonesia.  Using the Albasia wood to build our cabinets prevents off gassing and other toxic gases from entering the atmosphere that occurs with MDF material.  In addition to the non existence of toxic off gassing, Albasia is light and weighs 25%of MDF material making the fuel cost in transportation minimal.  A good thing!