Alpine water

About Alpine Coolers

Alpine® has been manufacturing and providing  drinking water filtration systems, bottle water coolers, POU water coolers, in-tank UV sanitization systems, water filters, reverse osmosis filtration and national office drinking water services around the world for over 20 years.  International Business Development, Inc. d/b/a Alpine® was founded in 1995 and is recognized as a worldwide leader of water filtration equipment and drinking water services. 

Alpine's® strict integrity and guidelines are installed throughout manufacturing of POU and bottled water equipment, water filters, proper filtration systems, sanitization and mandatory adherence to our water filtration guidelines by our dealers.  This strict protocol allows us to provide exceptional service anywhere in North America and Europe.   We set ourselves apart from the rest of the industry through our strict integrity and certification protocol together with our direct manufacturing arm to insure that the water you drink is the best it can be. 

Alpine® stands behind all dealers and makes sure that customers receive the highest quality water service at the best possible price.  We guarantee it!